End of Summer Approaching . . .

As the end of summer approaches, I figure it is about time to look back on the past spring.

The end of spring brought some really exciting adventures!

There is one exciting escapade I’d like to share. I took my Pratt Institute Print Production class on a letterpress field trip. Thanks to Dan at The Arm, I was able to bring my class to his studio to do some letterpress printing. At The Arm, my students (in groups of three) spent a bit of time designing, typesetting, and printing a poster for their senior show. Each group got to help with a different part of the letterpress process. Thanks to student Steven Mallia, we have some great documentation of the field trip (see a peek at what we did in his pictures below!).

You can also see write-ups of the field trip from Emily Wilbur and Christine Park. Emily and Christine were two of the other amazing students in my Print Production class.




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