Field Notes

Last academic year I spent each semester teaching one class at Pratt Institute. One ongoing project the classes completed was a visual journal. I was fortunate enough to be able to get Field Notes to sponsor the project by donating one journal to each student in the classes. I am excited to share more on this project as I photograph it, but I’ve got to show Field Notes what the students were able to do first.

Here is a sneak preview from the History of Communication Design class!

Cover from Kristie Bailey!

Cover from Tiffany Chen!

Inside spread from Brandon Wallace!

Lara & Andy!

Something I do not do very often (but seem to post about frequently) is take pictures for my friends of their weddings. This has actually only ever happened twice.

Over the summer I had the opportunity to photograph the wedding of a good friend from the SVA MFA design program. The wedding was especially fun to photograph because it was in a great community garden in Manhattan - not to mention the bride couldn’t be a more awesome lady.

There is no way they could have asked for a more gorgeous New York City Day.

Congratulations Lara & Andy!