Food Porn

For the past month, I have actually managed to cook. Cook REAL food. No TV dinners. No frozen pizzas. I have actually managed to make things I only once dreamed of making.

Key lime cheesecake? Check.
Artichoke Casserole? Check.
Coconut Pancakes?? Triple Check.

As I began my “I will cook all my meals or else” journey, one of my friends suggested that I check out Taste Spotting. When I asked her what it was, she replied with: ” Sarah, it’s totally food porn.”

Taste Spotting is a ” community driven visual potluck.” The description is fitting. I dare you to take a look at it, and tell me you don’t want to make everything and anything that you see pop up. It’s setup like we love typography, but instead of type lovin’, you get a whole lot of foooooooood lovin’.

Here’s what I made this weekend:

Center for Vernacular Typography

One project that I’ve been working on SLOWLY for quite a bit of time now is The Center for Vernacular Typography. About a year ago I started doing work on it with the owners & members of the Public Design Center: Clifton Burt, Kate Bingaman-Burt, and Will Bryant. While I was teaching, I did not have the amount of time to spend on the project that I would have liked. I’m getting back into the swing of it, and getting back on the project. Check out some pictures I’ve taken for the project so far, as well as the pictures many people have contributed to the group flickr! I find it so amazing that so many people are interested in this project!!

The Center for Vernacular Typography defines vernacular type as: “Letterforms selected, created, or applied by persons whose occupation is not derived from regular work with letterforms. ”

The dictum of CVT is “Document, catalog, research, and share.” Hopefully I’ll be building quite a library of vernacular typography to share!

Southern Typography Photographs

West Coast Photographs

North East Photographs

Flickr Group for adding Vernacular Typography photographs!

Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair

As it turns out, I moved to New York just in time for the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair. It was an exciting event to attend!! This year, the fair seemed much bigger. I’m pretty sure the reason for the feeling of expansion was that the fair wasn’t in the McCarren Park pool this year. It was around a good bit of the park.

If you were a runner on the track at McCarren Park on either day of the fair, you probably also got a sweet look at the goods for sale. Many of the tents were set up around the track.

Overall the fair showcased handmade jewelry, stationery, limited edition prints, and clothing (of course there was lots of other stuff too). I photographed a few of my favorite things while I was there:

Skylark Studio



Cleo Dee’s




Nervous System




Up In the Air Somewhere


V & M



and lastly,
Bow & Arrow




I’ve just landed in New York. East Williamsburg in Brooklyn is the place that I’m calling home. Getting here? Leisurely.

On the way, Christopher and I made stops in Nashville, D.C., and Philadelphia to see friends and one of my two sisters. In Philadelphia I got to meet up with an awesome textile designer and super good friend, Alexis McVicker. She showed me some of the patterns/etc. she’d designed while working at Anthroplogie and Urban Outfitters. Alexis wearing one of my favorites:


Somebody want to buy this for me? Please?

New York City Visit

As school here at Mississippi State ended, I was lucky enough to have a free plane ticket to anywhere in the continental US (I was asked to wait for the next flight because they oversold last May. The flight was their thank you to me). I chose to go to where I will be living this summer, New York City.

It was a lazy trip to the city, as I didn’t go crazy to see all the sites. I mostly concentrated on seeing friends, the few interviews that I had, and . . . the FOOD.

I really like to eat.

Some of the really amazing places I went were:

Blackbird Parlour in Williamsburg

Miracle in Parkslope

Soho Natural in Soho

I’m excited to be back there in two weeks for at least the next two months. It’s too bad that I’ve challenged myself to not eat out for one month. We’ll see how that goes.

this post actually dates: May 19th, 2009

The End of a busy 9 months.

For the past 9 months, I’ve been in Mississippi teaching up a storm. The academic year is over, and I’ve finally decided to update the web space that bares my name. I gave a presentation to the art faculty here at the end of my year at Mississippi State University, and I just wanted to share a few images from that presentation that show the crazy-fun that has been this year.

MSU AIGA group (I was their faculty advisor. Be aware, this is but one sixth of the group):

Pix(elated!) Opening (MSU AIGA 4th Annual National Student Competition and Show):

Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. Letterpress Workshop:

An Independent study I did with Carl Carbonell called Get American:

And Finally, a Letterpress Workshop with Brad Vetter from Hatch Show Print:

this post actually dates: May 4th, 2009