Center for Vernacular Typography

One project that I’ve been working on SLOWLY for quite a bit of time now is The Center for Vernacular Typography. About a year ago I started doing work on it with the owners & members of the Public Design Center: Clifton Burt, Kate Bingaman-Burt, and Will Bryant. While I was teaching, I did not have the amount of time to spend on the project that I would have liked. I’m getting back into the swing of it, and getting back on the project. Check out some pictures I’ve taken for the project so far, as well as the pictures many people have contributed to the group flickr! I find it so amazing that so many people are interested in this project!!

The Center for Vernacular Typography defines vernacular type as: “Letterforms selected, created, or applied by persons whose occupation is not derived from regular work with letterforms. ”

The dictum of CVT is “Document, catalog, research, and share.” Hopefully I’ll be building quite a library of vernacular typography to share!

Southern Typography Photographs

West Coast Photographs

North East Photographs

Flickr Group for adding Vernacular Typography photographs!

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